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Welcome to  L418 International

     L418 Network Connections - An important part of L418’s DNA is to connect with other ministries to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to build up the church across the nations. We believe that Jesus builds His church through relationships and through these divine connections we share vision and resources for the greater purposes of the Kingdom of God. If you are interested in exploring how to connect with us and join the L418 International Network, contact us at info@L418.com.

L418 Uganda National Conference is OFFICIAL!

     We are excited to announce that the first L418 National Conference, L418 Uganda Limited, is officially registered with the government of Uganda. This has been a long journey and much hard work by the L418 Uganda National Development Team (NDT) with direction provided by Cyprian Barasa, the L418 International Secretary, and the L418 International Core Team.

     The Uganda NDT has now retired and the L418 Uganda National Administration Team, Board of Directors, and the L418 Uganda National Core Team have been formed. The Constitution and Bylaws of L418 Uganda have been filled with the government. The members of the first L418 Uganda National Core Team are:

      - John Wandera:             National Overseer, Director, and Core Team member

      - Jehu Paul Muwongo:     National Secretary, Director, and Core Team member

      - Godfrey Disani Barasa: National Treasurer, Director, and Core Team member

      - Mike Bwire:                  National Core Team member

CONGRATULATIONS for this fantastic accomplishment. WELL DONE!

* IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT about L418 Membership *

     The Leadership of L418 International has implemented a 5 year term on L418 Membership and Ordination. This means that those who joined L418 and were ordained in 2016 will need to renew their membership and ordination during this year, 2020. We will be contacting you during the summer with the renewal information. If you want to get started with your renewal now, contact us at renewal@L418.com